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How do you think diversity in the classroom essay can be brought into the classroom? Karin Essay on diversity in the classroom Offering an abundance of arts into the classroom brings diversity.

Give small group assignments and choose a group captain who represents a multicultural view. Lead study abroad trips to diverse places. I've been taking my students to Haiti for the past six years. Our teachers come from various backgrounds e. Because our school staff reflects the NYC community, we attract families from various backgrounds who want our students to see themselves reflected in the staff.

In addition, our staff is trained on multi-culturalism and familiar diverse parenting styles, so families feel supported and understood with our teachers. Socioeconomic Diversity: In terms of hiring, we recruit teachers from city, state and private colleges. This ensures that we attract teachers from socioeconomically diverse backgrounds.

Professional Diversity of Parents: We often ask our parents to share their special talents with our students. Using cardboard boxes, one developer dad worked with our kids to rebuild the street our school is on. Our construction dad built a maze with our students.

Another photographer mom showed our children still life photography. Celebrating Differences: Throughout the year we celebrate our children and families unique backgrounds. We have had parents come in and sing Chilean nursery rhymes, a Ghanaian dad helped our teacher discuss patterns via Kente clothe and the children created their own Kente patterns.

We also dressed in saris and traditional Nigerian garb to discuss how children dress around the world. Our families loved it. Erica Jameson Jameson Ranch Camp - jamesonranchcamp. Post Your Comments. So it is wrong to suggest that we NOW have to differentiate our instruction. Good teachers have always been doing this to some degree. Secondary teachers have been attempting to do it with class loads of up to students a day. It sounds like an impossible task, but since many are successfully teaching in this manner, it must not be.

As a classroom teacher, what is the fastest way to begin to bring change to your classroom and work towards regular and consistent differentiating? I would begin with three steps. One of the biggest problems that de-tracking a school or a particular program can face is the opposition of the parents and sometimes even the teachers of the highest tracked group.

The reasons behind this opposition are numerous, value laden, and often very political. I will not use this opportunity to defend the inclusion of all levels in one learning community, but will remind those of you who are unsure or unconvinced to take the opportunity to read from the reading list that has been provided. At this point, I will assume that you have a heartfelt commitment to include and teach all learners. How can you still provide a vigorous educational experience to all students without putting any arbitrary ceilings on how far they are able and encouraged to go?

One way is for you to allow interested students the opportunity to contract for an honors designation in the course.

I have included an honors contract that we have used for the tenth grade Integrated American Studies class mentioned above. You will notice that it is a brief document without much detail. The lack of detail is intentional. It has been our experience that the more detailed the contract becomes, the less likely the students will be to take responsibility for their education and honors commitment.

Essay Student Diversity and Classroom Management

Student responsibility is the key to honors designation. The individual students, with teacher support, encouragement, and guidance, are responsible for pushing themselves farther than they would normally be expected to go. As each unit is introduced, a list of enrichment activities is also provided.

For every major assignment, there is an enrichment element. Everyone is invited to do the enrichment for extra points-all students. But students working toward honors must do a number of the enrichment opportunities. Honors students keep track of diversity in the classroom essay own enrichment activities in a student-produced portfolio. At the end of the semester, they must present their portfolio to a board that includes an administrator, a teacher, and a student, explaining how they went beyond the course requirements and why they deserve the honors designation.

This means that a teacher has to prepare each unit well in advance and has to be watching all the time for opportunities to create enrichment activities. In Social Studies this is rarely difficult to do because we always seem to have more material than we have time to teach. Opportunities can include such activities as movies with reviews; television series The Learning Channel, The Discovery Channel, The History Channel ; articles; field trips; books that support themes and concepts being studied; essay and poster contests; and arranging for speakers to come to the classroom.

The textbooks that you are using will also provide far more material than can be used in a normal course, so enrichment activities can easily be pulled from this source as well.

In a good school today, a strong curriculum should provide all students the opportunity to go as far as they possibly can go.

Examples of Successful Diversity Statements

They also need to learn to value each other and be prepared to live in a world of diversity. This is a complicated debate and a demanding challenge. I go back to how I began and wonder how incredulous those earlier teachers would have been if they had known that we are even debating whether or not we should be differentiating our instruction in order to provide the best opportunity for all students.

To say that differentiated instruction is morally and ethically the right thing to do is easy. To do it well, teachers must first believe that it's the right thing to do, and then begin the search for all the tools necessary to do it well.

This should be just a beginning. As I write this essay, it's August again. Every year at this time I pledge to do it better, to meet more of my students' learning needs, to help more of them see how satisfying learning can be, and to inspire them to be better than they were.

I want to show my students that I value learning, too. I can't wait to work harder at differentiating. I can't wait to try some new management tools so that I can have more essays on diversity in the classroom to spend individually with each of my kids and create new units that offer all of them opportunities for success.

The point here is that learning to teach in this manner is a process. I believe mastery is always just out of reach. The quest is just to keep reaching. I hope that you find this a good beginning and continue to work along with me, trying to master our craft. All rights reserved. Pearson and Pearson logo are registered trademarks of Pearson Education, Inc.

Web Codes What is this? However, it would be only fair to admit that teaching today is a bit more complicated.

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DIVERSE LEARNERS If you teach in a progressive elementary or middle school, it is likely that you already differentiate your instruction-working to teach a heterogeneous mix of students that includes mainstreamed special education students, a mixture of "average" kids, and a sprinkling of what we sometimes refer to as "the gifted.

Tracking There are many ways that schools designate what "track" a student should be in while attaining a high school education. Today, we know that such groupings created only a facade of homogeneity. Everyone is unique and brings something different to the table. It is easy to stay stuck in your own social circle, but having a diverse classroom moves us out of that dynamic into a better space. In turn it will better prepare them for the future, in essays on diversity in the classroom end that is all australia essay want as parents and teachers and employers.

General: Info manifezt. Monthly Newsletter Subscribe. Manifezt Foundation. This diversity also includes teaching staff. Having teachers and staff members of diverse backgrounds affirms students cultural identities and enhances the learning environment. Learning about different cultures allows students to become comfortable with cultural difference across social groups and comfortable with themselves; leading to a deeper sense safety and self-confidence.

When students live and attend schools in racially isolated environments they can develop prejudices. Being educated about diversity can counter discriminatory stereotypes. Through understanding various cultures and social groups, students are able to make connections from their own lives to the lives of their peers. Teaching diversity increases cultural competence, which in turn allows students to be empathetic to the experiences of others.

Essays on diversity in the classroom

Diversity has a direct impact on student performance. Students in diverse schools have higher average test scores. According to Queens University of Charlotte, students work better in diverse environments, allowing them to concentrate better and push themselves further.Showing that the role of educator is more than just educating. This course brought various issues of diversity to my mind.

It has forced me to realize how diversity works in the world of education. As our society becomes a more diverse, it is becoming…. The Journal of Negro Education, 79 1 Data was collected through observations, interviews and examining the learning materials used in the classrooms.

The findings indicated the…. Philosophy of Education My philosophy of education is learner-centered; the better a teacher knows her students the more effectively she can tailor pedagogical strategies to meet their needs, abilities and goals. Students can help inform the content, pace, starting point, ending point i. She is currently a high school English and social studies teacher.

She also has years of experience in bicycle sales and repair. Erin earned her Bachelor of Arts in political science from the University of Arizona. The database based on Word Net is a lexical database for the English Language. See disclaimer. In fact, students come to the university classroom with different backgrounds, sets of experiences, cultural contexts, and world views.

Essay on diversity in the classroom

Additionally, issues of diversity play a role in how students and teachers view the importance of the classroom and what should happen there. For example, assumptions about what a typical student should know, the resources they have and their prior knowledge are extremely important. It makes it impossible for other people to find out that you used our essay writer service.

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Read More. Words: - Pages: 4. Essay The Diversity Within The Classroom The diversities of learners with in a class room include gender, cultural, language, family, religious, and socioeconomic diversities. Words: - Pages: 6. Essay How Culture Diversity Within The Classroom Culture Diversity in the classroom is something to be studied in order to have success when it comes to teaching students.

Words: - Pages:. Essay Diversity And Difference Within Classrooms And Communities Diversity and difference occur in classrooms and communities, both intentionally and unintentionally based on socioeconomic class, cultural background or gender stereotypes. Words: - Pages: 5. Essay Student Diversity and Essays on diversity in the classroom Management Student Diversity and Classroom Management Classroom Management is imperative to a successful school year because it includes all of the practices and procedures that allow teachers to teach and students to learn.

Words: - Pages: 7. The diverse colours of Mother Nature, seasonal variations, existence of solar, lunar and planetary movements in harmony and in coordination are nothing but diverse expressions of the same.

The myriad hues sync up in reverence and carve a picture so nice. Man is a small constituent of this colossal cosmos. And as stated earlier, diversity is an essence of the existence. Therefore it becomes imperative to respect and greet the great variation present around.

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