Research paper for drug addiction

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Each year drug abuse causes millions of serious illnesses or injuries among Americans. Drug addiction is actually a disease and quitting is more than having a strong will or good intentions. Drugs change the brain which causes quitting to be more difficult even if the abuser is ready to do so because of withdrawals or other symptoms. It has so many negative consequences on the abuser and research paper about drug addiction.

About 15 percent of the American population is addicted to alcohol or drugs or a combination of the two Chapter 1: What is Addiction? Drug addiction can tear families apart by changing the people we know into someone who lies, cheats, and steals to get their next fix. But first, what is drug addiction? Almost 22 million Americans are hooked on at least one of these drugs.

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Usually a drug is taken for the first time in a social situation, with the person not realizing the consequences that could follow. The person enjoys that temporary high and begins Drug addiction has become a major social problem in Phillipines. In a developing country like Phillipines incidence of drug addiction increasing day by day. It was a problem of developed country beforehand, but now it is one of the important social problem of country trapped by this addiction it will affects the future of our country.

Increasing number of drug addiction not only decrease the economical development of a country but also directly related to increased incidence of crime, unexpected violence and corruption. Easy availability of drugs is a major cause of prevalence of drug addiction. Peer pressure is generally considered to be an important factor in the initiation of taking drugs.

This descriptive research was conducted aiming at studying situation of drug use addiction as well as knowledge and attitude of people concerning drugs. Study population, Sukhothai people,aged years, during January - Septemberamounted topeople. The samples,drawn by multistage random sampling from districts, sub-districts and villages, included subjects.

The questionnaire was composed of 4 parts : 1 general information, 2 general health research paper for drug addiction drug use experiences, and 4 knowledge and attitude related to drugs. The questionnaire was both close and open ended were filled up by well trained interviewers. Data was Drug addiction is a serious physical and psychological problem that has many research paper in drug addiction including environment, hereditary, mental and physical addictions, and withdrawal.

Substance abuse is one of the problems that the United States have. Published: December Time to Ban Menthol. Send SMS. Add to Skype. You'll need Skype Credit Free via Skype. Newsletter Additional Information Thank you for subscribing This information will be used to better customize your experience and help inform future tools and features on our website. Additional Information First Name. Last Name. Monthly Roundup - the latest news from Center on Addiction The movement to end addiction.

Interestingly, two women who were introduced to drugs by their husband or in-laws reported that they were encouraged to use drugs by their husband to avoid bothering them about their job and financial instabilities. For example, female interviewee 8 stated: It was at my wedding night when my father in-law offered me drugs. I wanted to please them and could not say no. Later in life, whenever my husband would not look for a job or work, I would give him a hard time about our financial struggles.

Lastly, female interviewee 9 had gone through a similar situation: My husband encouraged me to use drugs, as I would always fight with him over his unemployment. He made me an addict to stop bugging him about work. The results of our study suggest that social roles and stereotypes which define the expected gendered behaviours, could create different drug use patterns and practices across men and women. Gender differences are not only observed in drug types amongst men and women, but are also present in their motivations or reasons of drug use initiation.

Such differences could originate from socio-cultural factors or physiological differences across genders. In the current study, men were mainly single when they started smoking cigarettes reflection essay example using drugs, however, most women were married.

In the conservative and patriarchal context of Iran, compared to men, single young women are often subject to more restrictions and supervisions; reducing their chances of accessing drugs.

On the other hand, once they get married, they may be encouraged by their partners or their families, to master thesis comics using drugs. Nonetheless, family influence can be both negative and positive for women. While some women might start using drugs under pressure from their husbands, others might cease drug use for the sake of their family Furthermore, different popularity and social acceptance patterns could impact substance abuse practices across genders.

The ways in which boys and girls behave to win popularity and social acceptance often vary. However, whether people start smoking due to peer pressure is the subject of controversy.

Some studies acknowledge the importance of peer pressure on smoking initiation 14but others argue that it is not a strong predictor for commencing smoking.

They suggest identity statements and coolness as important determinants of smoking debut In our study, women did not report showing off as a motive for drug use debut; however, other studies have observed showing off to play a role in smoking initiation among young women This could also be the case in Iran where about However, consistent with our findings, the evidence suggest a different gateway to drug use debut among women where most Iranian women who use drugs have often begun with opium In Iran, several studies have shown boys to be more likely to smoke cigarettes than girls 13 The degree of acceptance of drug use in Iran could also be rooted in the belief in the usefulness and benefits of drugs.

In our study in particular, women started opium use mainly to alleviate physical pain and refresh themselves; a finding research paper about drug addiction could be attributed to the popularity and acceptability of opium in our study setting i.

Based on a study conducted in Iran, among Iranian people, residents of Kerman had a high acceptance of opium use, both subjectively and objectively 9. Lastly, curiosity was mentioned as a motive for drug use initiation among men. Men often evaluate the outcome of a risky behavior less critically and enjoy engaging in risky behaviors more than women Overall, the pathology of drug abuse in Iran is a multifaceted problem and requires a multi-dimensional policy across different public health and law enforcement sectors.

Different experiences of men and women in entry into illicit drug use calls for gender-specific harm reduction approaches and polices. Konova, Ph. Principal Investigator. New York University. Ask an Expert. Read the answer. Nora Volkow, M. Director, National Institute of Drug Abuse. National Institutes of Health.The primary risk factors can be divided into two main categories: social and emotional triggers. Social factors play an important role because during the adolescent years it can be an extremely emotional and physically tough time for teens to transition through.

It was not until recent years that drug abuse prevention became so highly emphasized.

Research paper in drug addiction

Now questions are being asked about the effectiveness of intervention programs and who is to blame for its faults. With the increase of drug abuse, questions begin growing whether drug addicts can be helped. Drug abuse is highly ranked among the most severe problems countries now face. There are numerous types of drugs being. Drug Abuse Essay. While most students in standard high school drug education know about the use of coca leaves in Coca-Cola and the opium trade in China, drug addiction during the century is much Continue Reading.

A drug is any chemical that produces a therapeutic or non-therapeutic Continue Reading.

Addiction Recovery Articles and Information

They mistakenly view drug abuse and addiction as strictly a social Continue Reading. Drug addiction causes Continue Reading. Currently there are several different essay for life of substance Continue Reading. Establishing a clear and fair substance Continue Reading. Drug abuse by nurses is prevalent in today society Continue Reading.

Although prescription medications are intended to help individuals, they can Continue Reading. Our society needs to implement new and effective laws and programs Continue Reading. These numerous studies provide enough data to explain the Continue Reading. The body becomes used to the drugs they are abusing Continue Reading. Once addicted Continue Reading. This social issue is considered a serious issue because users Continue Reading.

One extremely regular belief is that drugs abusers Continue Reading. In addition to Continue Reading. Illegal research paper in drug addiction and abusers Continue Reading. In Continue Reading. People sometimes feel they are too bright Continue Reading.

Drug abuse is a very serious problem that can often lead to serious health complications Continue Reading. The two concepts tend to go together, ruining relationships by becoming the most Continue Reading. Many Continue Reading. What is the scope Continue Reading.

He didn't know what was in the patch Continue Reading. The Social-Ecological Theory, will be applied in researching prescription drug abuse, possible influences and protective factors in adolescents in relation to prescription drug abuse, to develop focused intervention strategies and educational Continue Reading.

They are also known as Continue Reading. Abusing these drugs can often lead to addiction and even death Continue Reading.

Research paper about drug addiction

In the United States, for instance, cocaine Continue Reading. I certainly believe that this experience will Continue Reading. What people often underestimate is the complexity of drug addiction-that it is a disease that impacts the brain and because of that, stopping drug abuse is not Continue Reading.

Addiction is a chronic, often relapsing brain disease that causes compulsive Continue Reading. Because Continue Reading. Drug rehabilitation programs can be essential for drug addicts only if the victims are committed Continue Reading. This epidemic needs Continue Reading. Repeated polysubstance abuse combined with a negative social environment and a weak support structure compounds the problems of Renton, a heroin addicted young adult man living in Scotland Continue Reading.

Understanding Addiction Limestone College Abstract As early as with the publication of the first edition of the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous the medical community was aware that addiction was more than a moral shortcoming. Addiction and abuse of drugs have remained an unexplainable circumstance, even till today. A mistaken assumption is that drug abusers lack moral principles, and if given a chance or in the presence of will power, their selections could be altered.

In reality, drug addiction is known as a complex disease and requires more than will power or mere good intentions to change. Due to the fact that drug addiction could change the way the brain works, with time, the brain promotes compulsive drug abuse. This paper will examine the relationship between adolescences and alcohol use, research paper for drug addiction the effect that alcohol have on the developing brain.

As well as, how a healthy spiritual development can effect substance use in adolescences.

Research paper for drug addiction

In addition, it will discuss the issue of local drug or alcohol use, and examine the presence of drugs or alcohol within the community. Finally, it will examine and analyze. Teenage drinking is a very serious problem that is growing by the day in our country. What do you think contributes to higher rates of use and abuse among this subgroup? How do you think this disparity could be eliminated? Final reflections and conclusions. Cite all references and database s used.

If you choose to use internet sources, you may only use websites that end in. Please follow APA guidelines when citing your sources Overview of Drug Abuse: Looking across the broad scope of social problems that are seen overwhelmingly pervasive, it is evident that drug abuse has wide reaching consequences that impact almost every individual in society.

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